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Year Plan - Social Science









I Social science June 1 About me Learn to identify and write their name, years, in which class they are studying 12
    2   Learn their birthday date, from where they are coming (name of the place) to write the school name
    3 My body Learn to identify different parts of body.
        Learn about 5 sense organs
    4   Uses of different parts of body
  July 1 Our food Recognise different food items 12
        Food from plants and food from animals
        The terms breakfast, lunch and dinner
    2   Good food habits and eating habits
      My family Explain the concept of family to the children
    3   Explain the term nuclear and joint family
    4   Explain the term siblings
  August 1 My school Explains about school 12
        Explain about different rooms such as principals room, library auditorium etc  
    2   Explains different thing that we learn from school  
  September   Our helpers Explains children about their helpers in the society 12
    3   Learn terms as plumber, doctor, engineer, grocer, cobbler, stationer etc  
    4   Explains how each of the helpers help us in different ways  
  October 1 Our festivals Learn about national festivals its dates  
        Learn other festivals such as DIWALI, HOLI, DUSSEHRA, CHRISTMAS etc. The importance of festivals 12
    2   Explains the importance of festivals
    3 My house Explain the children to understand the importance of a house.
        Learn out of what houses are made up of
    4   Explains about some special houses such as igloo, houseboat, caravan, tent etc
  November 1 Home of animals Learn why different type of animals live in different types of homes 12
        Explains about the animals that lives in water  
    2   Explains about the animals that lives in land  
        Explain about animals in detail  
    3 Our clothes Discuss the importance of wearing neat and clean clothes  
        Explain about different types of clothes we wear in different season  
        Explain different seasons  
    4   Explains about uniform and different uniforms for nurse, policeman etc.  
  December 1 Safety Explains to the student the meaning and importance of safety 12
    2   Explains safety on road, at home, at school  
    3   Discuss about importance of keeping first – aid box in classroom  
  January 1 Be a good child Explains the importance of good manners, what are good manners. 12
    2   Explain good habits  
    3,4   Explain where to use please, welcome, sorry etc  
  February 1 Early man Explains about early men 12
        Explains difference between life of early men and life of today men  
    2   Explains about early men life style  
    3 Mahatma Gandhi Explain about Gandhiji  
        Explain his immense contribution for making our nation free  
        Explain about Gandhiji life  
    4   Explains about other freedom fighters like Bal Gangadhar Tilak, Jawaharlal Nehru and Subhash Chandra Bose  
  March     Revision


II social sciencce June II,III 1 My sweet family 9
1V 2 Food  
    July I 3 Water 11
      II 4 Clothes  
      III,IV 5 Our houses – (test)  
    August revision (Half yearly exam 6
    September II 6 our neighbour hood 4
      III,IV 7 places in our neighbourhood 6
    October I,II 8 my school 12
      III,IV 9 places for prayer(test)  
    November I,II 10 festivals. test 12
      III,IV   repeat the lesson  
    December     revision (half yearly exam)  
    January I,II 11 rest and recreation 10
      III,IV 12 direction , test  
    February I,II 13 means of transport 9
      III,IV 14 our earth, test  
    March I,II 15 the story wheel 4
      III,IV   revision , annual exam  


III SOCIAL Science JUNE 1 1,2 The solar system 12
      2   Planets, satellites  
      3   Our earth  
      4   Continents , oceans  
    July 1 3,4,5 Globes and maps 12
      2   Air around us – importance of air  
      3   Air pollution, how to keep the air clean  
4   Water: life giving liquid, uses of water, sources of water  
August 1 5 Forms of water, water cycle 3
September 2 6,7 Our country- national symbols 8
  3   Land forms of India
4   States and union ,Territories
October 1 9,10 Culture of India languages, dance 12
  2   Music , musical Instruments  
  3   Food we eat – food habits, food grains  
  4   Fruits, vegetables, spices, cooking oils.  
November 1 12,13 Our festivals – Dussehra, Diwali, Eid, Holi 12
  2   Christmas, Pongal, Onam, Guru Purab, Basant Panchami, Bihu  
  3   Our community, important people in a community  
January 1 14,15 Occupations- village Occupations, city occupations 12
  2   Hobbies and occupations  
  3   Means of transport- land and water transport.  
  4   Ait transport  
February 1 16,17 Means of communication -personal communication 12
  2   Mass communication  
  3   The story of early men discovery of fire, farming  
  4   Invention of wheel.  
March     Revision  


IV SOCIAL STUDIES JUNE 1 1,2,4 India and its neighbours. 3
      2   The northern mountains, The Himalayas 3
      3   Importance  
      4   The northern plains 3
    July 1 6,8,10 The western desert 3
    2   The southern plateaus 3
    3   Coastal plains and islands 3
  August     Revision 3
  September 3 12,13 Climate of India 3
    4   Soils of India  
  October 1 14,15 Forests of India 3
    2   Wild life  
    3   Water resources 3
    4   Multi purpose 3
        River valley projects  
  November 1 16,17 Mineral Resources 3
    2   Conservation of minerals 3
    3   Agriculture in India 3
    4   Cash crops, Food crops 3
        live stock rearing 3
  December     Revision  
  January 1 21,22 Famous Personalities 3
    2   Social Reformers 3
    3   National Flag 3
    4   National Emblem 3
  February 1 23,24 Our rights and duties 3
    2   Fundamental duties 3
    3   Our government 3
  March     Revision  
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